Mirabilandia, the most amazing amusement park in Romagna, is included in your holiday!

We are close to Mirabilandia, the mega amusement park, and we want to treat you to a visit! All you need to do is book a 6-night stay and it's yours!

A holiday at the Club Family Hotel Milano Marittima Village is truly amazing! 5 minutes down the road you can experience a fantastic day with your children (in addition to all the other great times you’ll spend with us of course!). For stays of at least 6 nights we give you free admission to Mirabilandia for the whole family! Yes, for the whole family, because otherwise what kind of fun would it be?

Spend a marvellous day between breathtaking attractions and classic rides, the belly laughs of your toddlers and the adrenalin-pumping screams of your older kids!!!

Your children not only stay for free up to the age of 18, they have all the fun they want in the hotel and also outside the hotel: because a holiday in the CFH is always designed to ensure the happiness of your children and young people. 

The Club Family Hotel Village Milano Marittima is close to the Mirabilandia amusement park, so you only have 14 minutes to travel by car to reach happiness!

The park, which has been in operation for 30 years and continues to evolve, is open daily throughout the summer, from 10.30 am to 10 pm or 11 pm on days when there are shows, and until midnight in the week of the Ferragosto holiday.

The themed areas of Mirabilandia:

  • Bimbopoli, an area entirely conceived and designed for children, with 9 attractions suited to their thirst for excitement: from Carousel, the classic merry-go-round with carriages and horses, to the cute Casa Matta, and the Santa Fè or Leprotto Express train carriages, and the logs of the Mini-rapids...And much more, all on a children's scale
  • Ducati World, for a passion - a red one, of course- to share with your older kids! This is the first themed area within an amusement park, entirely dedicated to a motorbike brand, with 6 attractions featuring different levels to satisfy the whole family’s desire to feel like a motorcyclist.
  • Route 66 for experience the magic of being on the road without going too far! The American dream of travelling can be experienced aboard the Autosplash inflatable, v the waterslides of iSpeed, on the waterslides of Blu River, and through the apocalyptic scenery of Reset to the cool water cannons of Ratatonga.
  • Adventureland is a true modern-day explorer's adventure, with the 3 best-loved attractions in the theme park: Katun, Rio Bravo and Master Thai. Which one will you choose? You can’t get it wrong: your choice simply changes the level of adrenalin you’ll feel
  • Dinoland, where there's a child, there's a dinosaur!!! Here, then, is the themed area of the park for Jurassic fans, who will find 7 rides to unleash their desire to explore: from classic roller coasters to electric cars, from the rotating merry-go-round to the monorail, everything is themed and everything is fun
  • Far West Valley, the ultimate game setting where the sun never sets, since entire generations have played Indians and cowboys there. Want to bet that you’ll also have fun on the 9 themed attractions in this area? From the heights of the Oil Tower and the Geronimo Towers, to the gliding flights of the Thundering Eagle, through the jumps and spins of Buffalo Bill Rodeo and the splashes of El Dorado Falls, here the only pace you’ll find is a gallop!

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